Thursday, May 8, 2008

Free Download Manager

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Free Download Manager is a free download accelerator and manager. Free Download Manager increase the download speed by dividing the files into sections and download it in the same time, by doing this Free Download Manager increases the download speed up to 600% or even more. With Free Download manager you can also resume broken downloads, so you don't need to restart your download from the beginning when there is an interruption. Free Download Manager support files sharing, flash video download, and download from BitTorrent protocol.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

origins of Pepsi Cola

Pepsi cola was created by a pharmacist Caleb Bradham in early 1890 on North Carolina. It was firstly named Brad's Drink and later changed to Pepsi Cola. The word pepsi comes fom greek word "pepsi" describing the food dissolving process within one's stomach. Pepsi is also a medical term which means problem with one's stomach to dissolve foods properly. At the beginning Pepsi was sold in a Pharmacy.

Think twice before buying this from Internet

Nowadays, people tend to search everything on the internet including lists of cars. But when you are wanting to buy a new car and do it on internet, its better not to do it. It is ok to search for a car's specific information or simply find the best model you want. But by the time you are goin to buy it. Never make the transaction from the internet since the amount of money you will trasact is quite big. And i think you will not risk loosing your money on a fake transaction. Or maybe a hacker fake their identity and re-routing the money transfer to their account and took all the money.

Forbidden Kingdom

Forbidden kingdom is the first and maybe the only one film pairing Jet Lee and Jackie Chan. This movie is about the journey of a boy in returning the staff of Monkey King.
This movie start with a boy obsessed with Chinese martial art movies. One day he went to a movie store and found an antique staff on that store which he thought belongs to the owner of the store. The problem started when some bully want to rob the store by forcing the boy to knock so that the owner will open the door. When troubles start the staff brings him back through time to ancient china. He meets two kung-fu masters Jet Lee, Jackie Chan and a beautiful lady Liu Yi Fei who helped him in returning the staff.

Forbidden Kingdom is a family-friendly movie. prensenting some nice comedy and fighting action.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

E-commerce security issue

Today, there are a lot of Issues concerning E-commerce. One of them is web-administrator. Web-administrator is the most important job in a certain company which relay to internet as its media of transaction. Those web-administrators need to really understand their customer about what they want, because they have to create a very secure web without sacrificing the comfort of the customer. Understanding each detail of the codes that they have created is the most important thing. This is to avoid the exploiter who they called their self hacker getting into their network and doing unwanted thing. They need to always be aware of the possible treats that might happen to their website and how to fix it. One little mistake could create a disaster to the whole company.

For me web-administrator is a very challenging job. It requires our conscientiousness in doing something. It is true that a website need to be as secure as it can to avoid unwanted thing such as hacker. But by hearing a word hacker doesn’t always mean a disaster will happen to the development of a web-site. Hackers are also helpful in a web-development progress, because during development we can ask hackers to try to break in into the site to test the vulnerability of the web-site. In my own opinion being attacked by a hacker doesn’t always mean bad thing will happen, because with that attack the web-administrator can evaluate what they have done so far including their mistakes, how to fix it and how to avoid it in later time.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Freelance Blogger

We always heard about blog. What is actually a blog? Blog is a short term for 'Web Log'. Like an online diary, people shares news, products, experience or everything they want with blog. Blog helps the Internet user with the up to date information.

People talk to their friends about their experience in blogging. As people heard the opportunity of gaining extra income trough blog, they tried to blog. It is very easy for people to start their blog. Anyone can just access the web and register a new blog, but the problem is how to get a popular blog or how to make people interested the blog that have been posted.

The truth is blogging is not as easy as people heard. To blog people needs a good knowledge of marketing, web design, and being consistent are skills you need to make a comfortable extra income from this new form of media.

The Possible company: